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07.04.2020 - 10:44

Petition. Make Social e-Educational System – provide EVERYBODY with QUALITATIVE education!

The modern generation, using achievements in the field of information technologies, can substantially improve the situation in the nature and society, in case it would provide everybody the possibilities to get qualitative, one may say, elite education and training. It is only the elite level education contemplates the possibility to learn from the best teachers and lecturers by individual programs which are composed taking into consideration the capabilities and wishes of the person taught, which provides for on individual approach to choose the régime and workloads – convenient time, speed, and the material depth of presentation, - all these elements managed individually by the person taught.


Precisely such possibilities are suggested to be added to the existing education system, and for these purposes, to develop the Social Educating System (SES!) and to present it via the Internet. The System would make use of video materials showing the classes conducted by professional, systemized on the basis of the conceptual model and placed in the united integral base of knowledge presentations.

We Suggest Realizing the Following:

1. To create attractive conditions for all professionals engaged in education, for bearers of unique knowledge and education methodologies, for those who agree to demonstrate their knowledge and craftsmanship, and are ready to participate in the Project, to provide everyone of them possibilities to prepare and pass over the video materials of their classes to be put in the System data base. The authors are guaranteed to get well-deserved respect, material remunerations and priorities for their work results.

2. To collect in the single united centre and systemize educational materials in accordance with the set of notions used in the materials following the schemes: “known-new”, “simple-complicated”, “cause-consequences”, and the like.

3. To unite and securely keep the materials in the united data base, ensuring free access to it from any place on the Planet using the Internet, and not only by it.

4. To provide every willing person, with the help of the educational system, to form (to change) for himself an individual program of education, coordinating the knowledge which the person willing to learn has at his disposal, and the knowledge which has been revealed to be necessary according the results of the entrance testing, and the knowledge which the person is seeking – by applying for this purpose the regulated knowledge in the conception model.

The individual program will present a set of educational materials given in the succession steps “from the known to the new”, that will allow the person to get not fragmentary, but full and functionally integrated procedural knowledge with due regard to the requirements for the level of social education and upbringing, - and even higher, according to the wishes.

5. Every learner will be able to get knowledge from the best teachers who are distinguished among others by their captivating, interesting and deep presentation of the material. The learner himself chooses one from the best of them.

6. Every person getting education determines for himself the education terms: when to learn, how much time to spend learning (revising) the material, and how deeply.

7. The System will give everybody the possibility to independently control the extent and quality of the mastering of the material.

8. Certification may be the final stage of education – confirmation of knowledge and skills in the presence of specialists and of those lecturers whose materials were used by the learner undergoing certification.

Thus, with the help of the suggested Educational System, the video materials of the lectures, the practical studies, consultations, and the like, the total volume of knowledge presented in the habitual way, becomes really accessible to everybody, independently of the place of his lodging or stay. It is actual for the developed countries regions which are remote from the knowledge centers, and especially important for the developing states.

Self-education with the help of this System is suggested to be made free of charge. Only the certification is to be paid for.

The Certification financial means are to be used for:

- Certification procedure payments;

- Payments to the authors of the educational materials (in accordance with the demands for their materials);

- Development of the System

It is supposed that on finishing the development and forming the educational material basic set, the System becomes repaying. The Social Education System will include educational materials for all people of all ages.

Education (mainly upbringing and teaching how to learn) is suggested to begin during the child’s pre-school age.

For example, in order to cultivate the child’s attitude concerning alcohol, or towards a drunk person, it may be suggested the following:

Let us imagine a group of children and their educator sitting in the kindergarten. The kids are sitting on the carpet facing a large information panel, and for 10-15 minutes they are looking at the screen and listening to how a talented pedagogue is telling other kids the following (the story pattern follows).

“A hand or an arm, a foot or a leg may ache, if one strikes or sprains them. There may occur stomachache, if you have eaten something bad, or did not wash the hands. When one falls sick or ill and the temperature goes up, there appears thirst, one wants to drink. There are illnesses caused by bad habits. If one does not brush the teeth, there may occur a toothache. If one stoops, there may come a toothache. If one eats or drinks something bad – it is possible to become sick or ill. Alcohol beverages consumption causes the habit of the organism and provokes thirst. But water is not enough, the organism demands spirituous liquors. Headaches start, the person does not notice what is going on. Stops caring for the outward appearance, becomes wicked, turns into an alcoholic.

When they were young, these man and woman were not told that was dangerous. They begin drinking alcohol, and now they are ill. It is difficult to cure them.”

After the studies, the educators may discuss the demonstrated and listened to material. Discuss such cases in details.

Convincingness and easy to understand stories told by talented educators and pedagogues will form the right children behavior model in specific situations. They will determine the behavior rules for their lifetime.

In order not to miss the main points and to consider all life important problems of upbringing, it is suggested to consider and compose a list of socially important topics which form and shape the human values to be explained to the children.. Wise and respected people with broad life wisdom experiences will help to do this. To prepare video materials along these topics and place them in the educational system.

Topic examples:

- Keep cleanness

- See and understand beauty

- Study diligently and labor hard

- Take care of health

- Take care of near relations

- Help good people

- Clarify the future profession

- Feed correctly

The values in this understanding may be considered as foot-holds supporting life. The more of them – the higher the life lath endeavors. As soon as one of the values goes away, then the person degrades and can perish.

The next age stage – getting secondary and higher education. In addition to the conventional education system using printed materials and summaries, it is also suggested to use intensively the video materials of all types of studies: lectures, laboratory practices, consultations, discussions, practical training, seminars, and the like.

The lecturer may demonstrate video materials during classes in the auditorium, and the follow with discussions.

The consumer susceptibility of video materials is higher than that of printed materials: the classic scheme of the knowledge transfer is retained – seeing, hearing and feeling the atmosphere. Division of video materials into thematic fragments, which in the frames of the education system may be put in various logical sequences, allows regulation of the width and depth of the material presentation, quickly find separate fragments to be revised, use fragments of various teachers presentations for their better understanding.

In this case, the individual talents of the learners, and the talents of all lecturers are mutually employed. The preparation and lesson conducting process become simpler, thus providing more time for the discussions about the material.

It is not proper to annul the existing full-time tuition in groups in the frames of educational institutions because it forms intercourse skills, develops verbal communication, live situational thinking, and many other processes.

At the mature age, everyone who wishes is also able to get new knowledge, higher qualification, retraining.

The System helps to define and formulate notions, knowledge and skills to which the learner is striving, or which are required by the employer. And following the initial testing, it is possible to define the quantity and quality of knowledge which the pretender to education has at hand. As a result, the System offers an individual education program and a setoff study materials in the sequence necessary for learning. Control tasks on completing every topic will show to the learner to what extent and haw well he has mastered the knowledge and can make use of them.

In order to provide citizens with equal opportunities to get knowledge using the social educating system, we suggest to found an organization – (United Education).

As a part of the Organization, to found functioning on the permanent basis Central Office to provide for information cooperation, systemization and learning materials deposit, as well as the System development, and Regional Offices in the states supporting the Project for learning materials translation from/into national languages, for certification of the learners, and groups working according to the regulations, because of the necessity or by the following directions:

- analysis of the results and development of the SES possibilities;

- definition of notions and composing the notion model;

- human values scale formation;

- financial means distribution

The Project implementation will be sensible in case it will be claimed by the society, in case there will be available financial means necessary to pay for the efforts of the Project developers team and for preparation of the education and training materials. The importance of the Project calls for a serious treatment of it, for leading specialists participation, political and financial support.

There is a variant to start the activities, if there appear enthusiasts ready to work free of charge or in advance. Anyway, they, like all others, need means for living; and the lack of interest on the society part, at least, of attention to possibilities to solve the problems will let to speak of the society serious illness and, pity to realize, of the necessity of a surgical intervention. But that is the topic concerning another way of the society development, and other projects.

In case the society will notice and pay attention to the Project, there will show up people willing to support it by their own participation and finances. People from one of the European states, probably in Czechia, because there are minimally necessary conditions. There will be registered a special Fund to collect financial means and to begin the work.

Realization of this and of the like project today has become real and depends on the good will of everybody of us. We appeal that everybody would discuss with every not indifferent person the idea of general qualified upbringing and education free of charge. It would provide our children and grandchildren. Let everybody know about such possibility.

The results can be seen on the site

That is our choice. Let us join it!